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After much effort of research and development, the Feeture Insoles 3D printer is finally ready to ship to our customers. It has many advantages over traditional production methods: it’s more environmentally friendly, more accurate, and more affordable.

The newest technology we’re working with is 3D printing of insoles. A method which is very efficient, as the 3D printer can produce 24/7 while being environmentally friendly. The waste it produces is minimal, and can fully be recycled. Nowadays, FI is ready to offer its customers the choice between 3D printing and milling.

With 3D printing, only the necessary material gets used. The rest stays on the roll as raw material, waiting for the next orthotic to be printed. When these products wear out, they can simply and easily be recycled and used for a brand new pair. So in a few years, we can exclusively use recycled plastic.

Printed orthotics also excel at being orthotics. They can support feet while being only a tenth of an inch thick! That means that you can fit them in more shoes than their milled counterparts. The variety in shore is also excellent. Where milled orthotics have their shore decided by the material itself, the printed ones work differently. While designing, you can choose the shore locally. That means you can choose which elements or areas are softer or harder than others.

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