Feeture Insoles just went live

1 February 2021

We can finally proudly present Feeture Insoles going live on February 1st. FI (Feeture Insoles) is an experienced and innovative company, specialised in insole production, software development and supplies the necessary hardware. This new name allows us to go abroad, and look further than only the Netherlands.

Feeture Insoles came from Koks Podopraktijk, which was founded in 1994 in Gemert, in the southeast of the Netherlands. Koks Podopraktijk focused on helping their own customers, but other professionals needed an insole producer as well. That’s where Koks Podolab came in. Today marks the day where Koks Podolab gets its deserved make-over, and is now known as Feeture Insoles. FI has its own distinct name and style to make sure it appeals to a worldwide audience. Even though this might seem like like a company founded a minute ago, the decades of experience in Koks Podopraktijk and Koks Podolab are present in Feeture Insoles. This experience means that we can still guarantee the best quality insoles.
Do you have any questions regarding us? Do not hesitate to contact us!